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Just Katie

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Set includes:  Micellar Water, Hair Mask, Hand Cream and Soap Bar Pamper yourself bea
Set includes:  Cleansing Foam, Micellar Water, Rejuvenating Face Cream and Soap Bar Clean healthy skin is
Set includes:  Cleansing Foam, Micellar Water, Rejuvenating..

Dear customer,

My "Just Katie" range comes with all my love and personal input - a reflection of the woman I am today - the woman I always wanted to be - True beauty comes from within with a little help from goodness on the outside "

This range is to enhance what we see, to love and protect from the signs or tired, dehydrated, stressed skin that our body goes through from everyday real life “

Our bodies skin surface and souls wellbeing are to be loved and to be loved in return, give back to yourself and take time out to pause and pamper,

By being kind to the environment together we can organically help to make this world a better place.

Katie x